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  1. Of course not, I find her attractive. Do you find Petey Kay attractive? (See where I'm going with this?)
  2. Allow me to show you the greatest desktop EVER! With THE greatest female alive as the desktop wallpaper. :D Elisha Cuthbert... http://img160.imageshack.us/img160/3096/elisha8qg.jpg
  3. Nah, never! 30 is the setteling down period, kids, house, car, family holidays etc etc. That doesn't stop you from having a good time, going out now and then and still enjoying life, just on a far lower key than being in your early 20's!
  4. You'd be a fool to go there! Your what? 18? That means you've got a good 5-7 years prime in you, which means you'd bound to come across other women in your time, other women just as good, if not better to be with than your current fantasy women! So, you move up there, you risk all your hard work in college for one women, down the line she may find someone else and you may also (Chances are you will, 18 is young and there is alot of time to meet other people) you begin not to get on, your up there on your own, living on what will probably be a dindgy flat, on your own, away from everyone you love living life the hard way! OR, you don't go! Continue on with your career goals, continue to speak with her and meet now and then, possibly meet someone else in the process whom is just as good to spend time with, if not better in your 5-7 years of prime young age left, move forth with your career goals, earn an helluva alot more money than you would in not continuing them and be in a far more stable position than following your heart now, regret it later, which may lead you to **** in the future! Just one mans opinion however. If your not around the age of 18, **** all the above I said, I shall leave now! Ahaha...
  5. My mother has taken it upon herself to buy some terrible bread. It's the one with little nuts in and what not. I attempted to eat it with some Vegetable Soup earlier and almost barfed. Do NOT buy this **** folks! We usually get the thick sliced white Worbatons (Spelt right?) bread! Great with plenty of butter.
  6. Merci folks. :) I've had a brilliant weekend, couldn't have asked for much else really. Thanks again for the birthday wishes, much appreciated.
  7. Now with addec Chav-isity! Sorry AC, at the time of doing mine you must have been doing yours. Apologies. Carry on from Russ's above. :D http://img33.echo.cx/img33/2966/coachchav5ep.jpg
  8. Lighten up... it's the Internet. :thumbsup Anyhow, I wasn't being disrespectful. It was a compliment infact, MILF Mum I'd Like To Fcuk, good ol' American Pie quote, it's a good thing to be 36 and still attract the younger generation, thus giving me enough to say it was intended to be a compliment, not disrespectful in any way, shape or form. :xyx
  9. Thanks... I think. ;) It's my bad ass look, the ladies go wild for it, oh and Fletch does. :xyx I'm really a gentle, loving, king, generous person at heart.
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