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  1. I haven't been in a hole actually, DC, I have just been very busy elsewhere. Nice to see your turn of phrase is above the odd pot shot though. I can't talk for Hardcore Holly, but the reason I mentioned it is abosolutely personal to me. A guy who wrote reviews for a site I moderated and worked on plagerised the whole things. Basically, the owner of the site found out and it could have caused him a whole lot of trouble, so there's my reasons. I pointed out that the way it was shown made the sources look more like references. My opinion had nothing to do with Gawdalmighty, Bahgawd, any member of here or there. A totally different site altogether, in fact. So, please don't think you know my agenda when you don't.
  2. I didn't exactly make a fuss, as you call it, I just pointed out a fact. I have writen reviews myself for a gaming site, I'd be pissed off if someone posted it and didn't credit my work at the end. In my opinion, thanks to doesn't suggest a direct copy, it suggests a reference place.
  3. There's a difference between "thanks to" and sources. It's like me copying Carrie and saying Thanks to Stephen King. Think he'd still sue me? Hell yeah! Unfortunately, that right there is plagerism.
  4. Happy Birthday Bisch. :) :bw
  5. :? Huh? The only game you can't play without having a HDD is Football Manager. Any other game you can save to a memory card. You will get a memory card with the Arcade version, AC.
  6. You wouldn't wear pink for ten million quid? I'd paint my entire body cerise and walk the street naked for that! :lol
  7. http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/1774/nomnomnombz5.jpg Happy birthday from the wyndorf household! :bw :)
  8. You dyed your hair! Not one for stating the obvious, am I? A few pictures. Manson, in the snow a couple of weeks ago. http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/1124/013eu7.jpg http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/9092/008ti7.jpg http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/2852/mebf2.jpg
  9. :lol I'm sorry, but this stuff makes me laugh. :lol
  10. Call me unadventurous if you like, but why would anyone want to have sex up a tree?
  11. Call me unadventurous if you like, but why would anyone want to have sex up a tree?
  12. After several years of what I like to call "hard work", I recently got promoted. I'm going to be an engineer. :)
  13. ahsatan


    :eek Are you insane?!
  14. Snowing here too. I'm hungover.
  15. How do you know most people upgrade? Aside from maybe the size of the HD, which if you have a Premium is more than enough, exactly what do most people upgrade? Do they add go faster stripes or something?
  16. Well, that surprises me. :lol The joys of getting in quick for a gamertag know no bounds.
  17. Wow, all this petty bickering isn't getting boring at all.
  18. Or, you could join us at Wonderwall! :lol Seriously, good idea. I'd join but as a busy girl reviewing and events organising over there already, I just won't have time.
  19. There are six eggs here. Three are for my dad. One I got from work, a Snickers egg. The other two I bought for us because they have mugs with them. :D Thing is, I can probably count the amount of times I eat chocolate over a year on one hand so my eggs will probably last a while!
  20. I'm 5' 4 and a half inches and I weigh exactly 8 stone (112lbs).
  21. Happy Birthday to Colin!
  22. Good for you, Reno. Although he's not my cup of tea, I'm really pleased that one of your great musical heroes was what you hoped he would be. :)
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