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  1. I don't do PMs, but thanks :) Long live Mr. Perfect!!! :D
  2. Did it hurt him Trash??????? tut tut :D
  3. Says some guy who forgot I even existed :P
  4. LOL, my link just says, this page cannot be displayed :( But unfortunately my PC is ****ed ..... But yeah it's always good to see you! :)
  5. Saracen forgot ME!! :o I'm totally mortified......* Goes to sulk..... :(*
  6. Very belated Birthday wishes fellow!!! :) :hbday :balloons
  7. Happy Birthday sweetheart!! :) :hbday :balloons
  8. Shame I missed seeing Jacko in make up and a dress :lol and Celt is back!! :xyx I'm hoping to be at Whitchurch, trains are ok if I leave at 10pm, anyone from here going? :)
  9. I'd say... Anthony Kiedes Jake Gyllenhaal Josh Hartnett Chris Evans (The actor not the ginger minger!) Colin Farrell/Ashton Kutcher, can't choose lol Plus Jonny Storm, although 'celeb' is pushing it... :D Girls Elisa Cuthbert Naomi Watts Eva thingymajib from Housewives Jennifer Garner Sandra Bullock
  10. I went to a cafe called The Celtic Food Bar this afternoon for the first time, I had a giggle at the name, although I realise it was celtic and not the footy team, but t'was still amusing :D, and ordered a ham and cheese toatie on brown bread with a Cappachino, was delicious I must say! and that was the last thing I ate, which reminds me it's past tea time!! :P
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