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  1. I feel like I have this happen on most bosses - I always die right at the very very end!
  2. I wish my backlog wasn't so high. I remember really wanting to play Rogue, but the lack of Backwards Compatibility at the time was my turnoff. Now that I can, I have about 3 million games ahead of it. That and Elden Ring is really taking over my time 😆
  3. When I saw this meme is when I realized that's the summon icon. Only 40 levels in. Lol.
  4. A time for pickle that's actually funny 🥒
  5. I feel for poor Sorcerer Rogier. He served one purpose. ☠️🪤
  6. I'm sure this is relatable to everyone that's played the game 😆
  7. If you need support, let's all lend a hand here!
  8. This is my first 'Souls' game, and I can't believe I've been missing out on these. Everything about FromSoftware games sounded very unappealing, but it turns out I can't get enough of it. This is easily a top 10 all-time game for me, and possibly top 3. If you happen to find our forum, send a message and join the conversation!
  9. I never got around to rogue because it came out after I moved to the Xbox One / PS4 generation. I do want to go back and check it out at some point. Thanks for reminding me it exists. haha
  10. Time -- the thing I used to take for granted that I wish I had more of now 😆
  11. Welcome to the board, @fastlawrencetime. I ended up playing the campaign and loved it. Some of the most fun gameplay in a Halo campaign to do. Story was solid enough for what it was -- trying to fix what Halo 5 did. As for the online, I did go on a month+ hiatus from playing online but jumped back into it this week with the Cyber Showdown event + Attrition mode. It's such an easy game to jump back into. Store items are crazy overpriced, and the rewards / progression needs a lot of work. Hoping they solve it for those who utilize those. I couldn't care less about cosmetics though. As for the maps, the designs are great, but definitely lacking. They can definitely afford to add a few more. 🤞they bring back some from the Original trilogy.
  12. Fantastic! I have been hearing mixed reviews. Some who love it, some not-so-much. But unanimously the best since the OG! Glad to hear you loved it! I'll get to it soon enough, I hope 🙂
  13. Not necessarily a Netflix show, but I'm finally watching Dexter (years and years late). Just started Season 2, yesterday.
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