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  4. Fantastic! I have been hearing mixed reviews. Some who love it, some not-so-much. But unanimously the best since the OG! Glad to hear you loved it! I'll get to it soon enough, I hope 🙂
  5. Thanks to you @Mikeand @etz The Witcher is now on my watchlist haha
  6. I am a huge fan of D&D podcasts too! I think I've heard like 2-3 from Join the Party and The Adventure Zone. But right now, I've been obsessed with The Mindset Mentor and The Happiness Lab, those are both on Spotify. It helped me bounce back after a business setback.
  7. It is!!! I just watched it haha LOVED IT
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  9. Not necessarily a Netflix show, but I'm finally watching Dexter (years and years late). Just started Season 2, yesterday.
  10. Any plans to see it, @dancingqueen90? I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I believe it's also on HBO Max.
  11. Watching Manifest right now and I am obsessed.
  12. *fingers crossed* for this one too.
  13. I bet he'd be great in Hollywood but I don't think it's time yet.
  14. This month's Game Pass games are announced, and I'm caught up on my immediate backlog (just finished Halo: Infinite). I never played Outer Wilds or the Mass Effect Trilogy (What's wrong with me?) I heard nothing but amazing things about Outer Wilds, so I'm leaning towards knocking out the shorter of the two first, but if anybody played both, I'm open to thoughts. Thanks!
  15. It’s been said in an interview Roman Reigns did within the past couple of weeks that he’s open to moving up his timetable to go to Hollywood following in Dwayne’s footsteps,that being the case,should he leave before WWE is ready for him to leave,who becomes the face of the company?
  16. I will take your word for it. I think it tried to jam a bit in there, but of course Emo Peter Parker is always going to be the #1 thing that stands out with Spiderman 3. Can't wait to see No Way Home, however!
  17. So, I've spent today watching the OG trilogy, and I freely admit this may be a controversial opinion, but S-M3 did not deserve all the hate it got. Maybe it's because I'm older now, but Harry's death hit me right in the feels... and I don't really have any feels.
  18. I would be SO HAPPY if they can right the wrongs of the last couple movies. The Matrix can & should be great. Please don't disappoint. Please don't disappoint. It's been almost 20 years since the last. 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  19. Matrix is not just a movie. I can't explain how badly I want this film to be good... Everything that has a beginning and an end And a sequel☺️
  20. one of the best one netflix series i am daily at least one series complete. Thanks
  21. @MikeI was exactly the same, he just seemed a really weird choice, but he absolutely smashed it. Never been so happy to have been wrong.
  22. My wife is a big fan of the Join the Party podcast, which is another D&D one. She's a big fan of it.
  23. The Adventure Zone! The storytelling is phenomenal and it’s also hilarious. It may be a D&D podcast, but it will make you cry
  24. I'm currently playing Halo: Infinite Multiplayer. I want to play the campaign, but I'm waiting until coop comes next year, so I can team up with my wife on it. Recently beat: Guardians of the Galaxy - This was a surprisingly fun game Superliminal - This was my favorite puzzle game since Portal
  25. I just took over ownership a few weeks ago, but I believe there's a really strong base here. So I'm hopeful we can bring it back to the forefront. Thanks for hanging around. It'll be great to be a part of the revival 🙂
  26. And they're looking great so far! I have a dilemma... Do I wait until May 2022 (est.) to play it via coop with my wife like all the other Halo games, or just go solo since that's all that's available at launch? I doubt I survive until May if I play it without her. But in either case, it's going to be hard to holdout with the reviews so far.
  27. I think the opposite. Netflix is finally profitable after so many years. And they're going to continue to be the top dog on the market, but now that so many others are investing in streaming options, there will be enough quality outside of Netflix as well, and they'll be able to take at least a small piece from Netflix's pie of subscribers.
  28. Mike

    A movie adaptation

    Glad you enjoyed it! This is another one on my radar that I need to check out. Did you read the books, by any chance?
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