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  2. I'm sorry to burst your happy bubble so quickly, but a quick search on Wikipedia shows that the two are completely unrelated. ;) But I do like the idea. We are used to crossovers thanks to film universe concept. It would be nice to get the same concept on TV series beyond the comic book superheroes genre.
  3. Since Robin came out, maybe we'll meet her girlfriend? Also, Winona Ryder was in a 1986 teen movie called Lucas. Maybe a connection to it?
  4. No release date announced yet, and we only get a about what may come in the new season. Despite the tagline being "We're not in Hawkins anymore", I feel like we're going to come back there a lot since the cast is split. What do you expect to see in S4?
  5. Man, that's a long wait. Those kids are going to really look like young adults then. Jonathan Byers will look even more like Neil Young!
  6. I'm thinking that season 4 might be the very end of the series. Hope it finishes on a really high note. I'm also interested in how the cast's careers develop.
  7. Looking forward to the fourth season. We may not see it until sometime in 2021, though, maybe even late that year. I know I will binge-watch it no matter what!
  8. I finished watching season 3 of Stranger Things. There were some interesting things that they added or changed in the show. One of the interesting things there was that the
  9. There is definitely a lot to look forward to, only that we will have to wait until the summer of 2019. I just wish that the show's producer/director would have considered going beyond eight episodes per season, from the onset.
  10. This might be Netflix's best original series. I'm looking forward to the new Starcourt Mall and seeing Steve Harrington working at the ice cream shop!
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