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  2. Oh, then I also lied! I forgot I started that too 😂
  3. Currently, no. But I found a few of my favorite games on Game Pass... Hades. But also Unpacking and Rain on Your Parade. Oh! And Donut County. I think I actually ended up buying all of them.
  4. I'm working my way through A Plague Tale: Requiem. If you enjoyed the first one, you won't be disappointed in the sequel, based on what I've played so far. I'm a sucker for story-driven, single-player experiences, so it's a very welcome addition. What are you currently playing on Game Pass? Anything coming soon that you can't wait to jump into?
  5. I'm a bit torn on what to think of the news. As much as I'd love to see what The Coalition can build with a new IP, I can't wait to see what the team at The Coalition can put together to cap off this trilogy, and with Unreal Engine 5, to boot. Let's cap it off in style! I'm just wondering how they handle that moment from Gears 5. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/gears-6-is-reportedly-the-coalitions-next-game-after-2-other-titles-were-cancelled/
  6. I still have to play Mass Effect. It's been on my backlog for way too long. Now with it on Game Pass (the remaster), I have no more excuses not to.
  7. Mass Effect. But play it slowly, go through all side missions, and play 2nd part to the 100%. For me ME is one of the best games ever (apart of shitty ending, but no spoilers).
  8. This month's Game Pass games are announced, and I'm caught up on my immediate backlog (just finished Halo: Infinite). I never played Outer Wilds or the Mass Effect Trilogy (What's wrong with me?) I heard nothing but amazing things about Outer Wilds, so I'm leaning towards knocking out the shorter of the two first, but if anybody played both, I'm open to thoughts. Thanks!
  9. Yeah, we play other people too with Xbox Live. I've met a lot of friends playing games with others. I don't play for hours on end, but I do play.
  10. I agree that it's not good to worry all the time. We have Xbox Live here. I think it's great that we can play with others. I bet a lot of people are doing this now.
  11. The schools in my area are encouraging students to take classes online. I'm not sure how they're handling it though. Xbox games are good for a quick escape. It's not healthy to worry on and on.
  12. With all these schools closing, do you think more people will play on Xbox Live? It's a way to stay connected yet still social distance yourself. We just renewed our subscription.
  13. Have you checked out the incredible Xbox consoles that teams, celebrities, and singers have helped design for the charity auction? Some of them are really brilliant. Way out of my price range, but brilliant nonetheless. The auction event is called "Consoles for Kids" and will last through October 3rd. It's a benefit for Make-A-Wish. I bet they'll make a lot.
  14. I finished the story. Got all the riddler trophies and ended up with about 87% guessing the challenges make up the rest? Annoying as ill never do them but i completed the game. Got lego star wars force awakens and working my way through that atm.
  15. It's getting all the Joker teeth as part of the Riddler challenge that will annoy you if you want to 100% it. I'd say Asylum is about the same size as Origins give or take, smaller then Knight and all of them are smaller then Arkham City which is the mack daddy of the series.
  16. Working through arkham asylum. WHAT A GAME!! Just passed crocs lair. been getting a lot of riddler trophies along the way and only on about 60% how big is this game?
  17. So i completed arkham knight. Story mode anyways. Still need to catch firefly and riddler and complete the azrial story line. Cant wait for return to arkham to be released on 21 oct.
  18. Man, I wish I had heard even one good thing about Tony Hawk 5. I grew up with the first three games, and I wanted nothing more than for this one to be even moderately playable.
  19. Gave up on tony hawk it was rubbish. Playing assassins creed unity atm. Really enjoying it. Iv always been a platform gamer but recently got into stuff like tomb raider and assasins creed. Played a bit of arkham knight and enjoying it but the story hasnt gripped me like the other games.
  20. I have ended up with Rise of the Tomb Raider, Arkham Knight, Elder Scrolls online, Ryse, Tony Hawk and Game of Thrones Telltale. That will keep me busy for a little while.
  21. Arkham Knight references a lot of what happened in Origins (as does the Batwoman DLC), plus while it's not on a par with the present-set games, it's still a really good one.
  22. From here on out, the Xbox 360 games with gold should all be backwards compatible with the Xbox One, meaning you shouldn't need to keep your 360 plugged in to download them, you can just run them on your One instead.
  23. If you are a Gold member, for the past 18 months or so they do Games with Gold which should be on the dashboard. Sometimes they are indie or arcade games like Max: Curse of Brotherhood or sometimes they are AAA titles like the last Tomb Raider game or this month (on the One at least) Thief. You have to have an X-Box Live Gold Membership however.
  24. Wait?? What?? I get 2 free games a month?? How?? When did this happen?
  25. Only Knight is available on the One. Every other Batman game is on the 360. I'd recommend still keeping your 360 hooked up somewhere as your Gold membership applies to both consoles as an existing user which means you get Games with Gold on both consoles and usually the two available on the 360 per month for free are different to the two you get on the One. On the recommendation front, if you like music/rhythm games don't buy Guitar Hero Live, go for Rock Band 4 instead.

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