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  2. Welcome to the board, @fastlawrencetime. I ended up playing the campaign and loved it. Some of the most fun gameplay in a Halo campaign to do. Story was solid enough for what it was -- trying to fix what Halo 5 did. As for the online, I did go on a month+ hiatus from playing online but jumped back into it this week with the Cyber Showdown event + Attrition mode. It's such an easy game to jump back into. Store items are crazy overpriced, and the rewards / progression needs a lot of work. Hoping they solve it for those who utilize those. I couldn't care less about cosmetics though. As for the maps, the designs are great, but definitely lacking. They can definitely afford to add a few more. ๐Ÿคžthey bring back some from the Original trilogy.
  3. I like Halo Infinite but I have somewhat stopped playing it. The lack of content like maps is a huge drawback to me. Also extremely disappointed on the store items and the weekly rewards.
  4. I'm going to try to wait. My wife & I still need to finish Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5 (I beat them all in the past, but she's having her first playthrough).
  5. Ahaha. This is a dilemma. I think it's better to wait until May than live with an angry wife. Lol. I've been loving the Multiplayer and can't wait to dive back into the story
  6. And they're looking great so far! I have a dilemma... Do I wait until May 2022 (est.) to play it via coop with my wife like all the other Halo games, or just go solo since that's all that's available at launch? I doubt I survive until May if I play it without her. But in either case, it's going to be hard to holdout with the reviews so far.
  7. I didn't like the last version of Halo and won't grab this one, but maybe they're branching out and trying to set themselves apart from the others.
  8. I'm surprised that Halo Infinite won't have a battle royale mode, which is so popular today. I bet this decision will hurt sales, because I don't see the demand for that style falling away. How disappointing!
  9. I really enjoyed the game, despite it's obvious flaws. Plus, the little 'un (who's seven) loves it, as it's the only game on a "grown-up" system he's been able to play. Fair enough, all he does is swing around like it's going out of fashion, but he's having fun nonetheless.
  10. :lol i never played it, but to get a rubbish game for a PS2 game price is a great thing tho
  11. It is till you play the game then your want your money back.Spider-man 3 is rubbish :lol
  12. Now Ladies and Gentlemen thats what we call a bloody good bargin :good222:
  13. That kinda worked in reverse for me. I picked up a second-hand copy of Spider-Man 3 (PS3) for ยฃ29.99, but when I got to the till and the woman scanned it, it came up as ยฃ19.99. I got the cheaper price, even though it was labelled higher. I think it was meant to be ยฃ29.99 but the pre-owned barcode they put on it was for the PS2 version.
  14. Exactly. Though most places let you have most stuff at the mis-labled price.
  15. The price on a product ie: a sticker, is only classed as an 'offer' in law. The store has no legal obligation to sell it to you if it has been priced incorrectly. Known officially as an 'invitation to treat' the store can refuse to sell the goods to you without even giving a reason.
  16. Actually, I was looking for TOCA: Race Driver 2 the other day in the store, and found it for $4.75. When I went to by it, the guy said it was mis-tagged and they only had TOCA 3 for $15, but I got it at the old price.
  17. Yeah I always thought that if its priced wrong and you take it to the checkout, you get it for the price thats on it, right or wrong. As for rental, I think its ยฃ3.50 for 3 days in Choices, but I'm not 100% sure.
  18. Well when I worked at Tesco that was the policy I was also told was in place. It comes under the consumer goods act and fair trading policies i was told. As a side note, how much do Games cost to rent generally? Particularly Halo3?
  19. Are you sure? I was always under the impression that if its their mistake, they have to allow it. The guy behind the counter looked at it odd, then spoke to this colleague and the guy said "Well you cant change it now, you have to let him have it!" Maybe he was just being polite. Either way, bargain game, class! :)
  20. Actually they dont have to let you have it if they mislable it, but thats off topic. :P It does look a decent game, but I am not a huge fan of FPS unless I have God Mode and get to kill things with my bare hands. :lol
  21. I picked up Halo today in Gamestation for ยฃ12.99 pre-owned, somebody obvious mislabelled it and because it was their error, they had to let me have it, hooray for me! I'll give it a go later. Looking forward to the Orange Box, WWE 2008 and also thinking of grabbing NBA Street Homecourt, I loved the demo I DL'ed from Marketplace.
  22. I was scouring around the web to try and get a nice summation to try and get the jist of some things I didn't quite get, but they're all just a love in for the geeky community that enjoys the novels. Seems a wasted oppurtunity really, as with (well from my impression gandering) the strong community following of the Halo world from the novels and depth with which they seem to have gone to explain things within them; they could have used the whole universe more to make things much more interesting. I hope this doesn't become the case for Mass Effect, which is also going the novels route to tell most of the backstories to the universe they are creating with that. On that geeky note, saw this linked to on another games forum. Someone has recreated Zanzibar from Halo in Lego. Of course he has a busy social schedule to achieve such a feat, have a gander if you're way inclined,
  23. I saw the bit after the credits had rolled, i liked how they claimed how it all came about but it still felt rather unfinished. I wanted more from her, i wanted a revelation and i did'nt get it.
  24. without giving anything away have seen the part after the credits? That will get rid of the confusion. I'm starting to finaly enjoy this game after nearly two weeks. The multiplayer is fun if a) you play on your own and cba talking and b) if you play with friends in teams of no more than four (rocket race being the best game mode). Pressing up to talk really spoils this game a lot. I'm going through the single player again just to find the skulls for the extra achievements. Only need the last two and i've got them all.
  25. I finshed the campaign last night, i enjoyed it. The levels inside high charity were bloomin hard! Felt a little short changed with the ending, if a little confused. I'll no doubt pick up Halo wars to continue with my Halo fix, but it's the orange box next for me.
  26. Japanese players were really into Lost Planet on Xbox Live. Man, they're bloody good at it too.

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