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  2. Great WIN for Francis the Hardest hitter since Brock or Cain, and Fedor. That spinning elbom out of the clinch in the 3rd round was very impressive. Have you watched this fight yet?
  3. It’s been said in an interview Roman Reigns did within the past couple of weeks that he’s open to moving up his timetable to go to Hollywood following in Dwayne’s footsteps,that being the case,should he leave before WWE is ready for him to leave,who becomes the face of the company?
  4. Do any of you folks think that Takers retirement has had a detrimental effect on Vince's mental state? With recent events seeing him turning up late for Raw andi rewriting things all the time, do you think this has affected him deeper than we think?
  5. It would be interesting to know who John Cena settles on, assuming he hasn't read what Kurt Angle had to say. I fancy both wrestlers and believe they always acted professionally while in the ring.
  6. I think so too, plus who wouldn't fancy seeing these two back in the ring for a match? It feels good when a competitor highlights and commends one's professionalism and talent.
  7. John Cena is a formidable wrestler, and I think that Kurt Angle was being brutally honest in naming him as the G.O.A.T of WWE. I am sure the former would have kind words for the latter in a similar situation.
  8. It is good to hear that Rey is on the right path to recovery, especially after undergoing surgery. How soon is he expected to be back in the ring? Rey Mysterio is a fan favorite, a wrestler whose performance pulls crowds.
  9. He is among my favorite wrestlers, and it is good to hear that he is close to returning to the ring after suffering torn triceps last month. The post-surgery procedure was slow, but he seems to have made steady progress.
  10. In a Q&A session with fans on his Facebook page, the WWE Hall of Famer named John Cena as the Greatest Of All Time of WWE. Among other things, he said that Cena was great to work with, professional, kind, and talented. Though not agreeable to all, I feel that JC has stood out all through his career.
  11. Sometime in August, Shane McMahon introduced Raw Underground during an episode of Monday Night Raw. These "shoot-style fights" are now to be discontinued. Could it be that a show that ran for eight straight weeks didn't take off as expected?
  12. Boxing has indeed occupied the top spot for a while, and, usually, some people love it in equal measure with kickboxing, MMA, or wrestling. Yes, it is a matter of time before MMA surpasses boxing in terms of popularity though we need to see organizers staging events in bigger stadiums.
  13. Boxing continues to be the most popular combat sport in the world, followed by mixed martial arts (MMA). Do you believe that the latter will surpass the former over time?
  14. When WWE and AEW put these restrictions in place, no one anticipated that audience-less shows would still be in place in October. In my view, the situation could remain the same until the end of the year.
  15. A few months back, I read about WWE and AEW planning to have fans in attendance once again. If I am not wrong, audience-less shows continue to take place. How soon before we go back to the norm?
  16. It's part of YouTube's copyright free library. MJF is a star, so it's a bit surprising that AEW didn't get him something original. I like Fozzy's music the best, but Private Party's theme is good too.
  17. I agree with you all the way, Snarky-Guru! MJF needs to get some help from Jericho and Jericho ought to be ashamed for letting his boy go out with that elevator music. Believe it or not, it's actually free stock music. Incidentally, my favorite theme is Jericho's. He's incredibly talented! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b45bhMp5ME I also like Darby Allin's theme music.
  18. That was a great match to watch! I wasn't as into Castro versus Felipe which was the other main event. It was cool that Felipe picked up his first UFC win, but not a lot happened in my opinion.
  19. I wasn't surprised. She usually does well when she's fighting in the bantamweight class. Cyborg beat her in the featherweight division, but she's also naturally larger than Holm, and she didn't win by TKO or KO. I'd say her biggest threat is Nunes. I'd like to see them in the octagon again.
  20. Did you watch UFC's Fight Night? I fully expected Irene Aldana to win with a KO since she's been on a winning streak and packs such powerful punches to the face, but Holm was on fire and never gave her a good opening. It was like the old Holm is back. What did you guys think of the match? Did any of the others stand out to you?
  21. Do you guys remember The Corre? That stable had no chemistry together and seemed shoddily put together. It was Wade Barrett's worst career move. It was just really bad. I agree that the McMahons, particularly Vince, have starred in more bad storylines than anyone else. Remember when Hornswoggle was supposed to be Vince's illegitimate son?
  22. Orange Cassidy's gimmick of gently kicking his rivals in the shin is a horrible storyline in my opinion. So is pretending that he's the laziest man in the world. The announcers oversell it as well. The McMahons have starred in more bad storylines than anyone else though. Remember when he pretended to cheat on is wife and flaunted his mistress in front of her? Or how about when he forced Trish to bark like a dog? The whole very public courtship between Stephanie and Triple H was ridiculous too. What??? @Poppy, I appreciate your upbeat look at this. I need to do better about seeing the good in things myself.
  23. I've been wrestling for ages, so I can think of a fair few. One of the worst was when Rey Mysterio lost his mask in the WCW. He was allowed to put it back on because the committee essentially decided that entertainment wrestling wasn't real wrestling. That was something else. So was the angle on the WWE where Shane hit his father. It was so uncomfortable to watch because Shane didn't seem into it at all. I was shocked to learn that Vince wanted Shane to hit his mother later on, which Shane wisely declined. I'm glad the whole incest thing never played out that was supposedly being pushed at one point.
  24. I followed her MMA career for ages and Rousey was being her natural self in the WWE for the most part. She's tough, hardworking, and not afraid to throw down, but she struggles to make the proper corrections once her confidence gets knocked. She typically either lashes out, freezes up, or runs and hides. Lately she's chosen to run and hide when things aren't going according to her plan. I hope she comes back because I find her refreshing. I understand why you feel the way you do though.
  25. It's scripted to a degree, but the wrestlers have genuine talent and it definitely takes athletic skill to put on a match. That's why I think there's always at least one person who will enjoy a show that I hated and vice versa. And sometimes the scripted bits don't matter much to me. A good example is Ronda Rousey. She's no ace on the mic, but she can throw down and sometimes that's enough, you know?
  26. I'll be optimistic and say that it might work for an indie promotion. I don't think any of the big promotions would touch it though.
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