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  2. Welcome to the Pokemon Fan Club! cc: @Hâlian - I saw you joined before I could get around to creating forums here. But that's fixed! Welcome to the boards. Hang tight as I continue to get everything up to snuff 👍
  3. Yes. Reynolds is very bankable, and he can be hilarious. That combination should pull in a big audience and some newer fans. I'm just too used to the pipsqueak-sounding original!
  4. What do you think if they plan on making that kind of image for the live-action version of Pikachu? I am not familiar with the original materials, but Pikachu is usually cute but not very bright there as far as I know. Creating a talkative, crazy-but-in-a-funny-way Pikachu for the movie may actually become the charm of the film.
  5. That's the thing about Reynolds' Deadpool and other character voices. It's easy for him to sound snarky, which is what I do not connect to Pikachu!
  6. I remember many fun scenes from Deadpool, so it's going to feel weird when such a cute creature reminds me of the hot fun mess which is Deadpool. With a plot which doesn't seem related to catching monsters at all, we are probably going for something completely different than the usual Pokemon.
  7. It's cute! Some will probably dislike it, but that Pikachu is just like how I imagine he will be if he ever comes out to the real world. I thought he would have fewer expressions than what we saw on the trailer. I hope his "pika pika" voice is the one we'll hear through the movie, but I think I can live with Reynolds' voice. I just have to stop thinking about Deadpool in my head every time he talks.
  8. Seeing Pikachu live-action is kind of cute, but Ryan Reynolds doing the voice? Never imagined Pikachu sounding manly. If the movie does well, this will become a franchise that goes on and on.
  9. I saw the trailer yesterday, but I still don't know how to feel about it today. It looks nice, but it feels strange, and it sounds even stranger. I don't dislike it, but I don't know what to expect of the movie either. What about you?
  10. I have never been to a game festival mostly because of the crowd. I imagine such event will involve a massive multiplayer session which may not end up well due to the server's load. Fun but not worth the trouble. I have not even touched the game for a while. Niantics said they would pull out all the stops. The question is whether they can do it without creating a new problem. If they fail again this year, then I bet all future festivals for the game will be cancelled.
  11. No, I'm not going to the Pokemon Go Fest. I've read about and watched via various YouTube videos conflicting accounts about the quality of last year's experience. The general consensus online seems to be that it was a debacle. That being said, I'm sure there were people who really enjoyed themselves. I personally think that Niantic should pull out all the stops this year in order to give this year's attendees a good time.
  12. I thought the game's popularity died down rather fast, but I guess it was not as bad as I thought. Niantic announced an event similar to last year's festival, titled “A Walk in the Park in Chicago,” which will take place on July 14 and 15 at Lincoln Park. One player can only attend one of the two days to give everyone a fair chance to participate in the event. The last festival was a disaster, so I am curious to see how they handle it this time. Are you coming?
  13. 10 Years ago there were 150 Pokemon, now there are 10x more of the useless critters.
  14. He won all the badges in the first region and many more after that.
  15. Magikarp will always have a place in my heart, especially since it evolves into the mighty Gyarados. My Pokémon team on every game always consists of a Gyarados which I had raised from a Magikarp.
  16. Well possibly :P Actually I spent my own fare amount on Pokemon, actually everything I got went on Pokemon.
  17. Am I the only one who feels this thread is at least three years too late?
  18. Collected mad cards, and anyone who hates on the GB games are no friend of mine. The show wins solely because the theme song is the greatest arena rock recording of all time.
  19. Ok Pokemon..... When I was younger, I used to collect Pokemon Trading Cards, Pokemon Figurines and I had a lot of episodes of Pokemon on video. I still have all of my Trading Cards (with quite a few shiny's) and I still have the Video Games. I am no longer a fan of the Pokemon Anime(or even Pokemon in general).....but I still play the Video Games! :lol
  20. Because you got it all free via your parents perhaps? :lol I know that was a huge plus for me when I was gettign everything :P
  21. My friend found his old Charizard shiney card ages ago last year i think (the must have card i believe?), talk about marking out :lol we then realised what it was and what we were doing, had to start punchin' eachother, drink beer and hammer up some dry wall to feel like men again! :lol:lol:lol
  22. Funnily I was talking about this today along with Digimon, Recess and Dragonball Z. I absolutely loved it just like every other kid, I was addictic to everything Pokemon related and that lasted a good year. I used to make Pokeballs with these snooker balls I had, i'd wrap them up in paper and draw all of the stuff on them, that was awesome, and I remember drawing every single pokemon using my poster of the 150. The cards ofcourse were awesome, i've still got mine in a draw, just missing a couple which have got lost/stolen. The game was awesome aswell, I remember when I first got Red I couldn't get off it at all, then Yellow and Gold, all brilliant. But what an awesome franchise of stuff, as a kid it was fantastic, however I can look back now and think why did I ever.
  23. I used to be a total fanatic when the game/cartoon etc came out back in '95 I could even name all 150 from memory in pokedex number order... wow now I think about it that was really really sad :( I had both Red & Blue games too followed by Yellow, Pinball, Green, Gold & Silver then I movd up to Colosseum(sp?) 1 & 2 and Snap (N64) two of which I imported from the US just to own :lol
  24. I played it the other month on an Emulator when i was too ill to leave the house, got near enough all of the Pokemon (including Mew using a cheat) then got bored and started on FIFA Manager 2009, now im well enough id prefer to forget i ever indulged into the game as its quite, ya know.. embarassing :lol
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