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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I will let you pick the ticket winners then I just want it too have my name :P
  3. I have Emailed four names but I don't want tickets as I can't make it down I just want the show to be called one of mine.
  4. Book him as number one and let Cage and Banner start against him.
  5. I enjoyed the debut of Cage and Banner if that helps (watched the footage:D)
  6. It doesn't matter how safe the wrestler you are against are. Its against the law, remember the New Jack court case. So think about it first (PS) sorry to but in
  7. Boo :P Hopeful I will find somewhere near me to start, and maybe I could be booked here (I wish to be booked)
  8. i have hit to Ric Flair moves :) the chop and the low blow (The second one is for against bigger blokes but works on every man :))

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