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  2. I can't see Taker losing this It is Mania any other ppv and the match result may have been different but not at mania i can't see them cheapening Takers legacy for a one off match.
  3. http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/36600000/ASDF-movie-image-asdf-movie-36665276-375-360.jpg
  4. Congrats to all you guys. Well deserved entrants. That Winter promo :sad5: Makes me want to do this all again!
  5. Ladies and gentlemen please give a special welcome....to ARRON WINTER! [video=youtube;uK53J2AKk18] AW: Thank you everybody for coming out tonight, showing this company some love and supporting these great superstars on their big night. I can tell you that the men and women stood on this stage tonight and every superstar who has ever graced TWOStars Hall of Fame or stepped in it's ring did it for you. They put their bodies and careers on the line to entertain you. They bled and sweat every day to become bigger and better and to here you guys chant their name. Whether you loved them or hated them. Whether they opened a show or closed a pay per view. Whether it was for 6 people or 60,000 people each and every performer gave their all. That's what makes me most proud. I remember standing on a similar stage when I was inducted and I thought back then that nothing would top it... I was wrong. Standing here tonight, as we say goodbye to this federation, I can see in the eyes of everyone sat in front of me and in the eyes of everyone backstage that we did what we set out to do. We built a place where people wanted to be, we built a place where the impossible dreams got turned into reality. We turned lunatics into heroes, we turned Mancunians into Mexicans, we turned the new blood into the old guard... hell, we even turned Chris Eagles into a champion! We did everything because we believed we could do anything. No one could tells us that it couldn't be done. No one told us that we stretched too far. As I walk past guys like Bison, Fox or Dyas I see the same look I saw when I first saw Johnny Rockefeller and Lucian Jones, I see the looks Drake Rush and I had when we turned up here and I'd swear I still see it in the eyes of Gringo, Sickness and Boyo. The look tells me that tomorrow, if I called them up and said "let's do this, one more time" they'd all tell me yes. You guys got into our veins. You turned us from mortals in legends and the price was simple... Be the best. We may have failed sometimes, sometimes bad choices were made and sometimes what we thought was great turned out to be a dud. But we always tried. Every day when I sat down with Darkstar and Samson, Gringo and Deadman, Holt and Barry Gower rest his soul and every other booker we've ever had we never strove to do the same thing. We never sat down and said "how do we keep this ticking along". We were always looking for the next moment we could make you gasp or scream or cheer louder than the time before. I look out tonight and I know that if I never get to step into a TWOStars ring I did my job and I did it well. Every superstar feels the same. We all know that every hard fought inch we made from the bottom was worth it. It hurts to say goodbye but that sting, that immeasurable pain in our chest tells us we did something special. Thank you for making it special. Thank you.
  6. [video=youtube;Dy9q8Gq1UdA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy9q8Gq1UdA (waiting for J-Rock)
  7. PA Voice: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome onto the stage, your inductee into the two thousand fourteen hall of fame….. Deadman [video=youtube;3gZ1CCi237E] The End of Heartache blaring through the PA system of Earls Court, the crowd are booing somewhat but all in all are quite receptive of Deadman who walks out onto the stage escorted by two beautiful young ladies. Deadman once at the podium turns and watches them leave nodding his head as the crowd cheer him on. Deadman turns back from the ladies and looks out across Earl’s Court a smile across his face, the crowd still cheering him. The Extreme Revolution Owner looks down at his peers before him and the people that have made all this possible (the fans) watching from an elevated position. The End of Heartache fades out, which also signals to the crowd to quiet down. The smile on Deadman’s face slowly changing to the grimacing evil snare we have come to know over the years. The crowd is silent as Deadman looks out across Earl’s Court... DM: I leave you lot alone for five minutes…. The crowd begins to cheer as Deadman pauses for a moment, still with that look across his face. DM: That one sentence… Deadman pauses for a moment and looks out down at his peers again. DM: Those seven little words, which started all of this. Deadman points out across Earls court at both the superstars before him and the crowd in the rafters. DM: Seven words uttered back in 2001, seven words that created a federation. A federation that became an Extreme Revolution…. The crowd cheers madly at the mention of the defunct organisation, which turns Deadman’s steely looking face back into a smile. DM: A Revolution, that not only helped train and develop the people who went on to run this Organisation… Deadman turns and points to the massive TWOStars banner behind him, causing the crowd to cheer loudly again as his peers before his clap their hands. DM:....but it also helped install the heart, the passion, the love for this business. Once again the crowd cheers and applauds as Deadman nods his head. DM: Now you guys may think of me as an evil egomaniac but… Deadman pauses and smiles as the crowd begins to get on his case as the members of TWOStars before him laugh and applaud. DM: But as these great people before me know, nothing could be further from the truth… Sure, maybe I’m an egomaniac….. Deadman once again pauses and smiles as the crowd cheers and laughs. DM: But Evil? Nah. Deadman smiles once again, probably more times already in this speech than he has done in his entire career on camera. DM: The truth is, I love this business. The crowd cheers as Deadman nods his head. DM: I’ve loved this business since I was a little lad growing up in a little town called Burnley. Looking back, I can honestly say I didn’t think I would ever step inside a squared circle, never mind owning a wrestling company. The crowd cheers and applauds as Deadman continues. DM: and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be stood here on this stage right now being inducted into the TWOStars Hall of Fame. The crowd cheers wildly as Deadman nods his head, his peers before him once again clapping their hands. DM: So, how did this all come about? How did I get myself into this crazy business we all love? The crowd once again cheers as Deadman continues. DM: Well it all started back in the year 2000, when a small group of individuals got together to voice their displeasure around Channel 4 and a certain other federation’s pay per view events. The crowd boos somewhat as Deadman continues. DM: Yeah, I’m sure you guys remember that period in time. Deadman laughs to himself as he continues. DM: It was with those individuals on which a bond was made but also a small degree of rivalry. A rivalry which would create the spark to creating our own federation and that rivalry was between Ed and SamH. The crowd cheers at the mention of the former Extreme Revolution Champion, SamH as Deadman pauses and smiles. DM: You remember that guy huh? Once again the crowd cheers as Deadman begins to continue. DM: Young Samuel declared that he was in charge of the group, but Ed disagreed and a fight broke out which was for the lack of a better word “broken” up…. Deadman does the quotation marks with his fingers as he says broken…. DM:... by Elbow, now for some of you, these names might not mean anything but it was Elbow who helped bring us all together as a group and as such was seen as the leader and it was at this point Elbow said those seven words. Deadman pauses for a moment before uttering them again…. DM: I leave you lot alone for five minutes The crowd begins to applaud as Deadman pauses for a moment. DM: and little did he know what he had just set in motion, a fight broke out, a fight which Elbow won by the way but with that fight…the seeds had been sown, and the group made the decision to make our own fed, with the intention to maybe to one day compete with that big organisation and thus maybe ironically WWF (UK) Extreme was born. The crowd applauds again as Deadman continues… DM: We we’re young, we had little experience but we had the heart to make this thing work. Elbow was calling the shots from a management point of view and we started to make headway in small arenas around the UK and our viewership began to increase. Deadman pauses again as the crowd once again applauds. DM: I was eager to learn it all, not only inside that squared circle but I wanted to learn everything backstage and that’s how I got myself into the booking team of the company. Now I know, it’s not good to have active wrestlers on the booking committee but my intentions were to help better that company…. The crowd once again applauds as Deadman continues. DM: … and in doing that it became clear that Elbow wasn’t up to the task of running that company. The crowd boos as Deadman smiles a little bit. DM: OK, so maybe I’m a little bit evil! The crowd cheers, Deadman laughs to himself as his peers before him also laugh and applaud. DM: So Elbow and I had the discussion and I took control of the federation, I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him to let it go but I believe that he knew it was the correct decision, not only for him but for the rest of the guys who had put their heart and soul into that product. The crowd once again cheers as Deadman nods smiling. DM: I was in charge creatively and I knew that in order to survive as a business we needed to make some changes and make them fast. DM: We changed the face of the booking team and put in a load of fresh ideas which saw us begin to grow from strength to strength but there was still something holding us back and that was the whole branding of the federation. The name of WWF (UK) Extreme had to go. A small portion of the crowd boos but there are cheers in there as well as Deadman continues. DM: and it seems there are still some old school fans in the audience and I thank you for being here. The small section of the crowd cheers as Deadman claps his hands towards them. DM: But the branding was wrong and it had too much of a link to that other famous company so we set out a plan which would see us rebrand on and off screen. Deadman pauses for a moment before continuing. DM: Those plans all started with a rebel group called the Revolution, a group which didn’t like the management of Elbow, who was at the time still acting owner of the company on screen, but the fans weren't really taking them seriously so we enlisted the help of…. Deadman looks out at the numerous TWOStars before him before point out to… DM: .. there you are, stand up Paul…. … Paul Heyman stands up to a massive applaud from the crowd in Earl’s court, Paul gives that sly smile of his and raises his hand before slowly sitting back down. DM: We brought Paul in and the Revolution became the Extreme Revolution. The crowd cheers wildly as Deadman nods his head smiling. DM: We had a brand we now believed in so we moved full steam ahead with our plans, plans which would see us have the Extreme Revolution challenge the WWF (UK) Extreme to a night of matches where whomever had the greatest number of victories in that night would take control of the company. Deadman once again pauses momentarily before carrying on. DM: The date was set, July 22nd 2001, the event, Fully Loaded and it was all even going into the main event and that’s where I showed my hand double crossing the WWF (UK) Extreme and handed the victory to Fill who on that night became the our World Champion. The crowd cheers at the mention of the former Ex-Rev and TWOStars superstar as the camera pans onto him down in the crowd. DM: The Extreme Revolution was now in charge on screen, but my ownership wasn’t declared till the next night where the plan was laid out in full and as you might have guessed, I wasn’t a very popular guy. Deadman pulls an awkward looking face as the crowd laughs and applauds. DM: But in reality it was all done for the right reasons, the federation needed leadership and a new direction which is what it got. The crowd cheers as Deadman pauses and look out across Earl’s Court once again. DM: Now everyone knew who was in charge, and under this new banner of the Extreme Revolution we went from strength to strength. The crowd cheers again as Deadman continues. DM: But lets face it, the success of that place wasn’t down to me it was down to many of the people who are before me right now…. The camera pans down to the many superstars before him, focusing in on a large section of former Extreme Revolution and TWOStar wrestlers as the crowd cheers wildly. DM: There’s far too many of you to name but I thank each and everyone of you for the dedication you showed not only to myself but to the fans. The crowd once again cheers and begins clapping their hands as Deadman nods his head smiling. DM: I mentioned that we went from strength to strength, part of that was down to the dedication of these guys, but part of it was down to us never resting on our laurels, we we’re never contempt with what we had and were always looking for the next big thing, so we set up the training academy. The crowd once again cheers and applauds as Deadman continues. DM: and it’s through those doors which many of the TWOStars roster learnt their trade. More cheers from the crowd echo around Earls Court as the superstars before Deadman once again clap their hands. DM: We taught them how to wrestle, we taught them how to talk to the audience. We taught them to develop their characters….. Deadman pauses for a moment and begins to smile. DM: and here’s that egomaniac part again….. in my opinion, that training academy is one of the reason’s why TWOStars became as big as it did and is why those seven words I mentioned earlier on not only started an Extreme Revolution, but it helped set the foundations of TWOStars and hence why we are all here tonight. The crowd once again applauds as Deadman begins to continue. DM: Now, I’m not taking credit for this place, no way. That credit belongs to one man…. Darkstar. The crowd cheers wildly at the mention of Darkstar as the camera pans down to him just before the stage. DM: As many as you know this is the fourth iteration of TWOStars, many have tried to make this company a viable success but it was Paul who did that and I’m sure he’ll tell you he didn’t do it on his own but for me he is the reason we’ve come together here tonight. He had a desire to make this place a success as much as I did back in 2001 with the Extreme Revolution. The crowd cheers wildly and begins a massive…. THANK YOU DARKSTAR …. chant as the camera which is still panned in on Darkstar, shows him bluffing. DM: But enough of kissing his arse for now, the real reason he set this place up was because I didn’t book him to win the ERE Tag Team Championship so he created his own company to make himself a tag team champion…… Deadman pauses for a moment laughing to himself… DM:... made himself a tag team champion….oh man, whose the egomanic now! Deadman laughs as does the superstars before the stage, the crowd also cheering. DM: … Sorry Paul, I just had to. Deadman smiles at Darkstar who gives him the thumbs up as Deadman continues. DM: Well it seems we’re breaking down the third wall here tonight, Darkstar, Paul, Sickness…. whatever. The fact is he made this happen and he deserves your respect. The crowd in Earl’s Court once again cheers as Deadman continues. DM: In 2004, Darkstar set out and re-opened TWOStars and in doing so gave us a massive dose of competition which in reality we couldn’t compete with. Times were moving on, the fans were moving on and I could see that. Deadman pauses for a moment before continuing. DM: So I called Darkstar up and we agreed a joint venture where TWOStars and ERE had joint events but the reality was that the Extreme Revolution was all but done at that point. The crowd boos somewhat at those comments as Deaders continues. DM: Yes, it was a sad time but Darkstar was fantastic during that period and the transition for the men and women before you tonight, moving from ERE to TWOStars was made easier thanks to him. The fans once again applaud Deadman’s comments as he continues… DM: It was during those conversations that Darkstar and myself came up with the concept that Deadman should hate TWOStars and everything that came with it. Deadman smiles as the crowd begins to boo. DM: We agreed that Deadman would be off TV and would be completely bitter about everything TWOStars and oh boy did I get some heat. Deadman closes his eyes and shakes his head smiling. DM: The whole Voice of Dee Em was used as a way to make people believe that I hated this place, hated the guys who were working for this place and hated their work. The crowd boos as Deadman continues. DM: and the whole thing worked, probably too well because the amount of abuse I got back was off the scale and to be fair it was probably due in response to those words I put out there. Deadman is looking remorseful now as the crowd once again begins to applaud him. DM: I don’t have access to those comments anymore and quite frankly wouldn’t want to see them, those words may have been part of a storyline but the guys before me didn’t know that at the time and they took them extremely personally and for that I’ve apologised in the past and as I’m stood here tonight, I do so again. The crowd once again applauds as Deadman continues. DM: The thing about that whole deal was, only three people actually knew about it. Darkstar, myself and Barry Gower. The crowd cheers massively at the mention of Gower as Deadman smiles and nods his head. DM: If I had heat from these guys down here, Darkstar damn sure had heat from his management team and Oh boy did he get it. Deadman smiles, before the camera pans down to Darkstar again who is talking back to Deadman with a smile across his face. DM: It seems he wants to move on, it’s like he still getting grief from Christof. The crowd laughs as the camera which is still on Darkstar shakes his head with a half smile across his face. DM: So yeah, we upset a lot of people in what we did but oh man did it get people talking. Deadman once again smiles as the crowd cheers and applauds. DM: and that’s how you grow a business, it’s about getting the fans talking and urging them to turn on for XTV and buy the PPV’s and it worked, TWOStars became a success, it became a Massive Success. The crowd once again cheers and applauds as Deadman nods his head. DM: Darkstar may have set the ball running on this place, but you guys….. Deadman points down to all the TWOStars, past and present which have made it to Earls Court as the crowd cheers. DM:.....you guys made this place what it is, the talent that sits before me is the very best in the world. Deadman pauses again as the crowd cheers some more. DM: My time here in TWOStars was short compared to many of you guys but every time I’ve shown up you guys have always made me feel welcome and for that I say thank you. The crowd cheers again, as Deadman applauds the guys that sit before him. DM: For me, the two reasons why I am stood up here tonight accepting this honour is because of the fans…. The crowd once again cheers as Deadman continues DM: and you guys…. There is more cheering from the crowd as the TWOStars. past and present stand up and applaud Deadman’s comments. DM: You were willing to make a guy like me look good even though I was never around here full time, dropping in whenever I was available or when TWOStars needed me and again I thank you for this. There are more cheers from the crowd as Deadman continues. DM: I also have to thank the bookers which gave me one last chance to go out and perform in the main event on the biggest night of the year at Wrestlenova VII. The crowd cheers massively at the mention of Wrestlenova. DM: They gave me the opportunity to head into that night as the defending TWOStars Triple Crown Champion to take on the Extreme Revolution Champion, the winner taking it all. The crowd cheers massively, chanting GRIN-GO over and over as the camera pans away from a smiling Deadman to Evil Gringo who is sat on the front row, himself smiling. DM: Evil Gringo, Mr. TWOStars himself versus the man who despises everything TWOStars fighting it out for their companies respective championships on the biggest night of the year….. what a night. The crowd applauds loudly as Deadman continues. DM: I don't know about Gringo but heading into that match, I was nervous as hell. Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona, Spain. That place held more than one hundred thousand people in it from all around the world, one hundred thousand people which were watching us battle it out to become the first unified champion. The crowd cheers massively as Deadman continues. DM: There was some controversy leading up to that match where it was believed that it might be good for us actually not to unify on that night and have both of us leave with our respective championships but those plans were put to bed early and it was made clear that they had to be a winner. There had to be a unification. The crowd once again cheers as Deadman nods. DM: and on that night the bookers decided I should win and become the first Unified World Champion. The crowd once again cheers and applauds as Deadman begins to continue. DM: It was a massive honour for me, not only to win that night but to share the biggest stage with Evil Gringo, earlier on I mentioned the Voice of Dee Em. Well it was during those comments that I absolutely ripped into Gringo and everything he stood for. Comments which due to the context of how they were put out there caused real offence. Deadman pauses for a moment before continuing. DM: I apologised to Rob at the time and made amends, with the intention to one day being able to work with him in that squared circle but never did I believe it would happen on the biggest stage of them all. The crowd once again cheers and applauds as Deadman continues. DM: There’s a reason why he’s called Mr. TWOStars and that’s because he has worked his arse off for this company and in the process has built himself a reputation which is going to be difficult for anyone to compete with, here and worldwide. Once again the crowd cheers as Deadman continues. DM: So as I say, it was an honour to go out there and face Gringo on that night and even bigger honour for him to put me over. It will be a night I will never forget. Deadman looks down at Gringo and nods his head as the crowd cheer and applauds DM: I believe my time here is nearly done but I want to just say that in my 13 years of doing this, I’ve met a load of great people, people who I have nothing but respect and love for. I’ve had plenty of time in my life to look back and reflect on my time in this business. The crowd once again applauds as Deadman takes a moment…. DM: I have made mistakes that’s for sure and have apologised and made amends to everyone that I’ve upset across the years. For me this business, this whole federation helped bring together a group of people with a love for all of this. A group of people that became friends, real friendships which will last a lifetime. Deadman pauses for a moment and smiles. DM: I will never forget the weekend back in 2002 when the Extreme Revolution gang got together in Croydon at Fill’s house, nor will I forget the weekend as part of TWOStars we went to the Doncaster Dome and tour the backstage apart. Those are memories with people that have become friends. Memories which will last forever. Deadman once again pauses as the crowd cheers and applauds. DM: So when I was asked back here for the last show, I jumped at the chance. One last time for us all to get together and show our love and respect for each other, as well at the fans. Once again the crowd cheers loudly as Deadman continues. DM: One last chance to go out with a bang, and for many of us this will be our last hoorah. The crowd once again cheers and even begins a THANK YOU DEADMAN chant causing Deadman to smile. DM: Well that’s a first…. Deadman continues smiling as the chant continues for a moment….. DM: I stand before you tonight a humbled man and I want to thank you all for this honour, thank you all and goodnight. “The End of Heartache” hits the PA system as Deadman takes a step back from the podium, his arms in the air. The camera pans away from Deadman to the Superstars before him who are now on their feet clapping their hands as the TWOStars Hall of Fame fades to…..
  8. [video=youtube;NAU0bBuBXMA] (waiting for jubs)
  9. [video=youtube;jukv9Q1eR2g]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jukv9Q1eR2g ----------------------------------- To a huge round of applause and a little bit of whooping, Lindy Rose appears on the stage dressed in an extremely flattering ensemble of trousers and a jacket. Classy. Not over the top. Just right for a woman of her...size. She gives a small wave to the crowd before stepping to the podium. Lindy: Jeez, there's a lot of you. This gets a small ripple of laughter moving through the audience. The camera pans to catch a few familiar faces. Lucian and Randy Roko sit close to each other, yapping about something and giving the camera a small wave as it passes by. Draven Cage sits with his arms crossed, his permanently annoyed expression fixed firmly on his face. Lindy: Wow. Okay so I had all these plans of giving a huge speech here but what am I supposed to say about my best friend other than she kicks arse? This gets a loud whoop from the crowd. Even the usually miserable Darkstar smiles and nods a little. Lindy: So I'm simply going to introduce to you the latest inductee to the TWOstars Hall Of Fame, and the one and only female entrant, CARI-DEE!!! On the huge screen above the podium, a video starts to play, showing the history of Cari-Dee in the company. We see her winning the title fir the first time, and her defence of it. Short flashes of matches with Angel are shown to a negative crowd reaction, interactions with Jenny get a slightly more mellow boo. Scenes from Portia's hen party get a good laugh as does a brief glimpse of Cari handing Lucian his sparkly sunglasses. [video=youtube;vOioHLjUg60] Powder fills the arena as the Bangor Beauty steps out on stage. We don't see her right away as she in enveloped in a hug from her best friend. As Lindy steps away, a small gasp runs through the crowd. Cari is dressed in a simple silver dress, which is cut much lower than we have ever seen from the Bubblegum Princess before. Her long blonde hair has been cut to shoulder length and is a ass of curls framing her face. As her music fades away, she walks confidently to the podium. With a huge grin, she waves out at the crowd who chant her name. Cari: Oh my gosh. You guys!!! The pretty blonde blows a handful of kisses to everyone before placing her hands on the podium. Cari: When I got the call telling me I was to be inducted, I almost threw up. She laughs at the reaction of the crowd. Cari: In a good way!! In a good way!! The idea of standing up here and finding the words to thank everybody who has been here for me just terrified me! I wrote down a list of who I wanted to thank but it got so long, I needed a new pen! Twirling one of her curls around a finger, the Bubblegum Princess grins at a few familiar faces. Cari: But then I realised that it would be way easier to just say thank you to each and every one of you. The fans... This gets a MASSIVE cheer. Cari: The wrestlers. Smaller cheer, but definitely huge. Cari: My friends and those I love. Gesturing towards Roko, Lucian and her family who sit in the front row, Cari blows another kiss. Cari: Without the love you have all shown me, there's not a chance I would be up here right now. I have been blessed with the most amazing opportunity and that's to try and entertain people. Something not everyone gets to do. I just hope I did an okay job of it! A lone voice shouts “we love you Cari!!” Cari: Aww man, I love you too, whoever you are! A ripple of laughter goes across the crowd. Cari: But see, wrestling isn't the most important thing in my world, y'all know that. And I'm glad y'all accepted it. And still accepted me. I would sooner dance than wrestle!!! And being with my loved ones, each and every one of them, has always taken priority. Which is why after Decade Of Destruction, I will no longer be wrestling. It's time for this girl to retire. A loud and very unhappy boo noise fills the arena. Cari: Oh now wait, don't you be doing that! Because I have something I want to share. As long as y'all can keep a secret? The booing immediately stops. Cari: CAN you keep a secret?? A few mumbled sounds of agreement can be heard. Cari: Yeah, like that's going to work for me. Come on guys, can you keep a secret??????? Crowd and wrestlers: Yes Cari!! Cari: Jeez, that's more like it!! Alrighty well, I think this might make everyone a bit happier. Looking down at her hand, she smile before raising it up and showing a very pretty ring shimmering on her left hand. Cari: I'm getting hitched! A ridiculously massive cheer fills the arena and the pretty blonde blushes. In the crowd, Lucian looks at Roko with massive eyes and slaps him on the back. The former pirate smiles. Cari: And yes, it's to the only person I could possibly spend the rest of my life with, my perfect boy. She gestures for Randy Roko to step onto the stage and he does, placing a small kiss on the cheek of the blushing blonde. Cari: It hasn't been easy. But the best things never are. It's taken time and a lot of waiting. There has been distance between us, sometimes thousands of miles. At one point I almost lost him. But us? We're forever. Always have been. Always will be. Forever. Roko: And even after. Cari giggles. Cari: And even after. As they embrace, a huge “aww” fills the arena. Some of the more emotional wrestlers can be seen wiping a tear away. The embrace ends and Roko strokes her cheek. Cari: But that's not the only reason I wanted you up here, Coco. Roko looks a little confused. Cari: When I was called to be told about tonight, I told them that there's no way I could say yes. Confusion now ripples through the crowd. Cari: No way I cold go in. Not by myself anyway. She grins at her fiance. Cari: Because the path of Cari-Dee hasn't been solo. You have been here with me the whole way. So ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured and blessed to introduce to you a SECOND and extremely shocked entrant into the Hall Of Fame, RANDY ROKO!!! The crowd cheer massively as Roko just stares in surprise. He looks down at his little blonde troublemaker and shakes his head in astonishment. She shrugs and pushes him to the mic. Roko: Aye, well, this is a bit of a shock!! Laughter comes from all corners. Roko: I dinnae have a speech. Even if I did, who would I thank? Like Gummi said, too many people have got me, well us, here. He grins at his fiance. Roko: So I'll just say thank ye. Thank each and every one of ye. He grins at the cheering crowd as his music fills the arena. Lindy bounces back onto the stage and almost crushes the pair with a huge hug, grabbing Cari's hand to look at the ring before the camera shifts to the huge screen above the podium which is showing a brief history of Randy Roko's career in TWOstars.
  10. Haha realised I should have added that theirs are being left blank so they can pm me when they have time to do it! XD In fairness one of em has being rattling their brains trying to get the right promo done so I'm happy to let em have their time and when it's done it can be added! Least this will be posted unlike the icw comp I did back in the podcast days :lol
  11. Are you sure you've let those two people know they're being delinquent? :D
  12. Breaking news after much delay due to work illness and other circumstances the hall of fame show, goes up tomorrow. Leaving the two members who have yet to post stuff their spots blank. Apologies for the delay as some bastard gave me a bug and works been a dick
  13. Tried so hard not to laugh out loud and wake other half up when reading that jrock! :lol
  14. How the f*ck did I forget the same thing twice in about three days? This is some sort of karmic payback for me complaining about other people's organisational skills.
  15. theres no rush for the promos and parts, i know people work harder with more shifts this time of the year so just get them to me when you can :)
  16. Ah f*ck, I completely forgot again. I'll do it tomorrow, or go on without me. My fault.
  17. Waiting on two people handing their stuff In. You know who you are!!! :lol
  18. Yeah just going to throw in my support for Eddie - I think he would have shined through if he had been here during the fed's 'Glory Days'. Was seriously impressed at Eddie's first attempt at match writing, and it made me look back on my first ever match writing and shake my head. :lol
  19. I didn't expect even an honourable mention if I'm honest so I was chuffed to bits with that, the fact that i enjoyed writing those characters and for the most part my time in the fed was pleasant enough! I forgot to vote in the end but to be honest most of the things i would have been able to vote for would have gone to ol' Deeser as he was the most finished article with every aspect of his writing being stellar. (obviously best booker to megz.... if that would have swung things in your favour I do apologise! for not voting :lol ) I'd have loved it if there had been enough interest in the latter stages of the fed to give those characters and writers more standing but from what I have seen and heard for the most part every award winner was fantastic in the category they've been voted for.

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