5 Sports For People Who Don’t Enjoy Physical Activity

A lot of us love sports, but we don’t all have the athletic build or inclination to play some of them. Thankfully, there are sports out there that don’t require us to have the...

Tips For Having A Succesful E-sports Team

The wonderfully frustrating world of E-sport. For anyone who has ever played any semi-competitive games, you’re going to know just how much hard work has to go into playing at a good level and...

Level Up & Party Down! Is Games Night A Good Party Night?

It's a great way to have a good time when you have so little money getting your buddies around for a games night where you are all huddled around the console with chips and...

An Awesome Gaming Room- On a Budget!

If you like to game as a hobby, chances are a lot of your spare time is taken up by it. And if that’s the case, it makes sense to make the room a...

6 Things Every PC Gamer Needs

For those who are very passionate about PC gaming, having the right equipment to maintain your device is essential. Not only this, you should always be looking to make improvements wherever you can as...

Micro-fishing: The New Sport That’s Got People Hooked

Considering taking up a new sport? How about micro-fishing? Across the states, fishing enthusiasts are now getting hooked on a new trend that’s not all about catching the biggest fish. The term is thought to have been coined originally by Stillwater home inspector and part-time fishing enthusiast Aaron Bye who on a 2009 fishing trip got bored and decided to pursue fishing from a different angle. However, it’s thought that micro-fishing has long been practiced in Japan without a name given to it.

Sporting Events That Guarantee Crazy Levels Of Excitement

We’re not sure about you but, somewhere in the back of our minds, we prefer sitting on the couch, with our feet up, munching on a far-too-big bowl of cheesy nachos, with our family for the simple fact we won’t feel hard done by if the game turns out to be, well, boring. Something about investing all that time and money into an event that may not be as exciting as we hoped just doesn’t sit well with us. However, we can’t ignore how amazing the atmosphere at a live event is. Feeling the heat of the crowd, the heartache of missed chances, the red face of the coaches and the music that subtly feeds all of the emotion.

The ABCs Of Discovering Great Fan Fiction & Small Budget Projects

Unlike major hits like Game of Thrones, those smaller productions are unlikely to be rammed down your throat. That means you’ll have to make the additional effort to locate them for yourself. When you do discover a new favorite, though, the effort will seem worthwhile.    Here are three amazing methods to help make it happen.

These Awesome, Extreme Sports Will Get You High On Life

Did you know by pushing your body to the limit you can get the same euphoric high that you receive when you take a drug like an ecstasy? It’s true, scaring your brain into thinking you’re about to die. Or, putting yourself in apparent danger is a great way to get those endorphins flowing and kick up your levels of adrenaline. Once you’ve completed the activity, you’ll find that you have never felt more alive. But which extreme, awesome sport should you try.

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