Quiz: What is your Dominant Archetype?

If you're playing a game do you care more about -


Once you make an important decision do you -


If you disagree with something someone says do you -

If you're deciding between two choices do you -


Do you prefer to -


If you're meeting up with people do you prefer to -

If you had to choose your best quality it would be your -


Do you prefer to -


Would you rather -


Do you believe rules are -


If you have to solve a hard problem do you -


Do you prefer thinking about -


Would you rather go -

fall leaves

Do you think of -

What is most important to you -


Quiz: What is your Dominant Archetype?
The Innocent


The Innocent has a fundamentally optimistic and positive approach to life. Like a pure white light, they are free of cynicism, darkness and corruption. The Innocent chooses to see the good in people.
The Sage


The Sage strives to undertake a life long journey of enlightenment through acquiring wisdom and knowledge. Life’s true riches come from self-empowerment. The Sage often takes positions of counsel for those around them.
The Explorer


The Explorer lives by the thrill of seeking out new experiences and adventures. They feel at peace when venturing out into the world, exploring unknowns and discovering truths about themselves along the way.
The Rebel


The Rebel embodies a free spirit and desire to be free of systems of control. They often clash with anyone that comes into direct contradiction to their sense of individual freedom and self liberty. Embracing the path less travelled, The Rebel believes that true progress often occurs outside of established rules and order.
The Magician


The Magician believes that we are only limited by our imagination and that if we open our mind up, anything is possible in life. Whilst they can produce extraordinary feats of accomplishments, their firm gaze on the bigger picture can make it hard for others to forge meaningful connections with them.
The Hero


The Hero has an unrelenting will to always ‘answer the call’ and triumph over adversity. Through courageous acts they lead from the front and look to inspire others. The Hero represents the journey and struggle of never giving up to overcome obstacles.
The Lover


The Lover strives to forge deeper and more meaningful connections with others. Extremely passionate, the Lover approaches life with an open heart, unafraid of being hurt, and endeavors to develop true intimacy.
The Jester


The Jester is carefree and seeks to live life in the moment. They have an insatiable appetite for having fun, spreading laughter and joy into the lives of everyone around them. The Jester approaches each and every day with a ‘glass half full’ attitude.
The Everyman


The Everyman is the thread that binds society together. They assimilate into groups without the intention of distinguishing themselves. The Everyman celebrates being part of the collective and relishes the common status of all.
The Caregiver


The Caregiver attains fulfillment by truly caring for those around them that need it. Always a shoulder to lean on, they naturally embody selflessness and compassion when it comes to helping others.
The Ruler


The Ruler seeks out leadership positions to satisfy their desire for power and control. Possessing a more dominant personality, the Ruler looks to actively make decisions and exert their influence rather than take a back seat for others to do so.
The Creator


The Creator is consumed with the need to be original and genuinely authentic. Constantly applying new innovation and ideas, the Creator seeks to leave an indelible mark upon the world and lasting value.

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