Harry Potter Quiz: Discover Your Signature Spell

Okay, let's start! What core does your wand have?

Harry Potter

What Hogwarts house are you in?

Gryffindor logo
ravenclaw logo
Slytherin logo
hufflepuff logo

Pick your favorite Hogwarts class.

Facing the Dragons in the Tri-Wizard tournament, what method did you prefer the most?

Which one of these do you think is the more impressive bit of magic?

Harry-Potter Army

Which Deathly Hallow object would you choose to create?

Pick your favorite Hogwarts Professor.


In a duel, what is your preferred style of combat?

Pick an animal that you like the most.

And finally, what is your preferred way to travel?

Harry Potter Quiz: Discover Your Signature Spell

Expecto Patronum!

Piertotum Locomotor!


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