The Top 5 Sports Apps


Are you an avid sports fan? Do you love nothing better on the weekend than kicking back, opening a bag of chips and watching the timetable of sports that you have planned from the TV guide the night before? Whether it’s football, tennis, rugby or golf, there is a range of sports apps out there to enhance your viewing pleasure and increase your engagement with the game. Take a look at this definitive guide to discover the top five sports apps for your smartphone or tablet.


Whoever came up with this ingenious little app deserves a medal. Never again do you have to find yourself stuck in the center of town while trying to fend off a major panic attack because you have nowhere to watch your beloved footie team play their crucial game. MatchPint will scour your location for the nearest venue that is showing the match allowing you to saunter over there, order a drink and sit down and enjoy the game without breaking a sweat.


If you like to accompany your viewing pleasure with a little flutter now and then, it pays to look into the Sportsbet android app. This nifty little betting app allows you to view real time odds, take note of any tips of the day and is ridiculously easy to use whether you’re depositing money into your e-wallet or withdrawing your winnings.


Emulating a Whatsapp style format, the Teamer app allows you to stay in touch with all of your mates whether you are organizing where to watch a game or setting up a sports team yourself. Now there’s no excuse not to head out to five-a-side soccer on a Tuesday night with the Teamer app allowing you to organize training sessions, fixtures and meet ups.


As the name of this app suggests, you can get live scores from any game from across the globe as they happen. If you can’t spend your Saturday watching the game because you have to attend your mate’s wedding, you can sneakily look at this app on your smartphone in the church to stay informed of how your team are doing. Just make sure you don’t cheer too loudly when they score.


No list would be complete without the daddy of all sports apps, ESPN. Having been a leading sports news channel for years, ESPN has broken into the apps market. A great little sports news app all on its own, the ESPN app allows you to customize the layout, so you are notified of any breaking news for your favorite sport or team first. If you subscribe, you can even take advantage of the ability to live stream sports. This is pretty useful if you find yourself without a TV for some reason on a major sporting weekend.

The range of sporting apps for your smartphone or tablet in 2017 is mind-blowing. With sports news, betting and instant messenger style apps, there is a sporting app out there for everyone.