6 Awesome Uses For Your Old Mobile Phone


As we get more and more demanding with what we want from our mobile phones, it’s no surprise that our pile of old and abandoned mobile phones continues to grow. However, our old mobile companions don’t need to just sit, rattling around in an old drawer, read on for our top six uses for your old mobile phones.

Your Workout Buddy

Why not transform your old phone into your ultimate workout partner. Remove all the old apps from your phone and take out any old SIMs. Being careful to not log into any of your social media accounts, to avoid pop-ups and notifications, and set about filling up your phone with your favorite fitness-tracking applications, best workout tracks and hey presto your old phone becomes your ultimate gym buddy


If you don’t already have a GPS system in your car then your old smartphone will certainly do the job. Again, download all the old apps from this phone and download your favorite map apps. Find a holder that will keep your mobile phone in place and you are good to go. As so many maps offer an offline version, it is even possible to download the maps when you have wifi and then use them later when you are in your car.

Dedicated Alarm Clock

Stop relying on your current mobile phone to do absolutely everything and instead set up your old phone to be your very own dedicated alarm clock. With so many awesome alarming apps available on the market you can download specific alarming solutions and you can even set the time digitally onto the screen of the phone so that it doubles up as an electronic bed-side glow in the dark digital clock.

Make Money

There are still lots of people that don’t realize the value that their old mobile phones actually have. There is some great money to be made from selling old mobile phones and people with a pile of them could be sitting on a substantial amount of cash. Therefore looking to make money for mobile phones that you no longer use is a legitimate option and one that you should definitely be looking into. Jump online and look at the top sites that are offering to pay you really decent money in exchange for your old and unwanted handsets.

Get Charged

Do you find yourself constantly getting caught short with a dying battery at the most inopportune moments? Why not use your old phone as your very own portable emergency charging unit? You can actually connect your new phone to your old phone using a USB OTG cable which can function up as your very own mobile power bank.

Mini Entertainment Center

Your old phone can be used to create your very own digital media entertainment system. Using a micro USB to HDMI cable, or even a Chromecast streaming gadget, you will be able to rig up your old smartphone to your TV. You can then fill this phone up with your all your entertainment apps, such as Netflix with all your favorite TV series, YouTube, Pandora, and there you are. Welcome to your fantastic new mini media system.