Sports vs eSports: The Pros And Cons For Kids


Parents will always have to answer the question how much should kids play video games? The answer to the question is going to be harder to find as technology gets better. Plus, kids love to glue their faces to a screen and delve into a virtual world. Of course, you would love them to get out of the house at every opportunity to spend time playing ‘proper’ sports. But, this may not be necessary as long as you can find a right balance between the pros and cons below.

Pro: They Are Both Active

Everyone knows that playing sports is a workout, but the same can’t be said for eSports. In the past, gaming involved sitting in an armchair staring at a screen. Today, the entire industry is different, and it is making gaming more active. The obvious example is the Nintendo Wii. With a Wii controller, you have to stand up and run around the front room. As a result, you can’t just sit down and bide time until you are bored. To participate, there is a certain level of movement needed, and that is the same as a workout.

Con: eSports Are Inside

Even if the Wii or Pokemon Go has transformed gaming, it still takes place inside most of the time. This is an issue for parents because kids need to leave the house, and not only for exercise. Yes, running around and burning energy is a factor, but it isn’t the only one. Kids need to get outside to help to prevent the buildup of stress, as well as stop the onset of depression. Plus, there is also a social aspect that doesn’t occur through gaming. Playing with friends is what kids do best, and normal sports incorporate this in abundance.

Pro: They Are Both Social

Although they don’t seem inclusive, there is a social element to eSports. It isn’t easy to spot, but that’s because you have never played. If you had, you would know that an online community exists where people can laugh, joke, and talk about their problems. Okay, it happens remotely, yet that isn’t the point. The point is that kids can actively play eSports while socializing with their peers and friends through video game systems. In the end, it doesn’t matter where the release comes from as long as it exists.

Con: Sports Are Dangerous

One thing you can’t say about eSports is that they are dangerous. Regular sports are another matter. When your child takes part, you are never sure that they won’t suffer an injury. The odds may be slim, yet parents still can’t get the thought out of their heads. There is no doubt that every time a child takes the field, they put their body at risk.

As you can see, there are pros and cons for sports and eSports for children. However, what is also clear is that a mixture of the two can be beneficial. As long as the equilibrium is right, kids can benefit from a bigger social group to being more active.

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