Deadicated Fans at 2016 New York Comic Con (NYCC)!

True DEADicated Fans of The Walking Dead

We found Negan at New York Comic Con!

Negan’s Victim was also at New York Comic Con!

HOLD THE DOOR! Is that Hodor!?!?

An AWESOME Cosplay of Borderlands characters

Tony Stark, aka “Iron Man” posed for a picture as well. Find Joker & Harley Quinn in the background

Ganondorf was at Comic Con as well!

Also from the Zelda Universe is Majora’s Mask.


We’re gonna just have to pretend this is the actual Stan Lee…

Piranha Plant from Super Mario World wanted in on the action

Master Chief & Cortana… together again.

What a crew of Jokers…. Oh, and Robin. Let’s not forget Robin.

South Park got in on the fun at New York Comic Con!