Illuminate: Child of Light Review

Aurora, Lemuria

Fairy tales are the magic in our lives. We are told stories like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood as we grow, and we discover more through theatrical story-telling from industry giants like Disney.  Fairy tales, like Child of Light, transport us to distant lands, teach us lessons, and allow us to escape where there are ‘happily-ever-afters.’ Well, that is, of course, if you’ve never heard the original stories. Sure, they all wrap up in a neat little bow on screen, but more often than not; these old stories contain a gruesome twist that you may not remember.  The happily-ever-after party may or may not even occur.
Aurora, light, Child of Light

Regardless of which version you’ve come across, chances are that nearly everyone has heard these fairy tales in one form or another. It is in the nature of fairy tales to be told again and again, in different ways, by different mediums – but the outcomes they share are almost always the same. It is a rare and beautiful thing to find a new and original story that can hold its own against the veterans. Child of Light does just that.

Born from an idea rooted in real-life events, Child of Light is a magical tale that is not only engaging, but incredibly fun to play. With wonderful animation-inspired artwork and a fun battle system, this game is definitely worth the time investment.

Here’s the Plot; Trust me, There’s a lot!Child of Light

Our story begins in the year 1895 Austria, which is ruled by a Duke. His wife dies unexpectedly, leaving him to raise his daughter, Aurora, alone. He marries again, like most dukes do in fairy-tales, but on the Friday before Easter, Aurora goes to sleep and her skin becomes icy. The kingdom believes her to be dead and the Duke falls ill.

However, Aurora awakens upon an altar in the fantastical land of Lemuria. She frees the Lady of the Forest, who explains that the land of Lemuria was once ruled by the Queen of Light, but she abruptly vanished. With the light gone, darkness gradually took over, and the Queen of Dark, Umbra. sent her daughters to steal the rest of Lemuria’s light: the sun, the stars and the moon.  Umbra also took it upon herself to steal a mirror that leads into Aurora’s world with plans of destroying the light there as well.

For helping her, the Lady of the Forest creates a firefly by the name of Igniculus. He acts as her guiding light and companion through the darkness Umbra has spread. Together, Aurora and Igniculus must journey to restore the light and reunite Aurora with her father.