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Coral Memes The Walking Dead Walking Dead Memes

Funniest Coral Memes from ‘The Walking Dead’ | Best Rick Grimes Memes

The History of Coral & Rick Grimes Memes

In between all the tension, drama, and terrors that fill every weekly hour of The Walking Dead, there’s quite a bit of humor to be found as well. Fittingly for such a dark show, much of it comes from the most unlikely of places. While the show has become one of the most meme-worthy programs to hit the airwaves, there’s one word that seems to stand out amongst the herd: Coral. No, we’re not talking about marine invertebrates, we’re talking about Coral Grimes, son of our favorite zombie slaying, justice delivering badass Rick Grimes, and the countless number of Rick Grimes memes that accompany him.

You can always count on the internet to find humor in the darkest of places. The scene that sent Coral to infamy? The death of Lori Grimes, Ricks’ wife and Carl’s mother. After delivering baby Judith, Carl was forced to kill his own mother and what followed was a heart breaking and gut wrenching scene where Rick goes from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. The prison arc had plenty of tough moments, from the war with Woodbury and the Governor to the execution of Herschel, there were plenty of dark spots ripe for twisted humor but nothing held quite like the aftermath of Lori’s tear jerking demise (better known online as the moment Rick finds out Carl is gay). Well, it was tear jerking. It’s hard to watch that scene now with a straight face.

From Dad jokes to knock knock jokes, just about everything is fair game for a Coral meme but it wouldn’t be complete without Dick Grimes, the skilled crafter of the puns that serve as the bane of Carl’s existence. No matter how bad or cringeworthy the humor is, it’s hard to not enjoy browsing through the multitude of images out there.  Given that the scene is from season 3, it seems to have pretty strong staying power as well. They may just never get old and the meme suitable scene from that dreadful day at the prison combined with Andrew Lincoln’s pronunciation of his son’s name has created the perfect storm. Sit back and enjoy our ever growing collection of Coral memes and feel free to create your own as well!

I Opened a New Nightclub called “Erectile Dysfunction”

Coral meme Ricks' club erectile dysfunction flops

Carl, I couldn’t remember how to throw a boomerang!

Coral I was in a coma meme - carl

I was a banker before I was a cop

Coral I was a banker meme - Carl

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